International Legal Relations

    With global interconnectedness of personal and business affairs on the rise we are ever more frequently encountering cases with international aspects, in which we assist our clients with our expertise and extensive practical experience. Issues range from the question of what law applies to a case to the question of what choice of law options contracting parties have to the question of how foreign judgments or similar legal instruments can be enforced in Germany, or vice versa.

    Complex conflict of laws issues can also arise in the area of corporate law. Of course, we are also able to draft and notarize legal documents in the English language; when needed, we can even do so in the Spanish language. We are part of an extensive and proven international network of attorneys, notaries, and tax advisors. Our services in this area include the following:

    • Formalities for the recognition of foreign legal instruments in Germany, or vice versa (e.g., exemption under bilateral treaties, apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961, or legalization)
    • Review of foreign commercial or company registers
    • Documentation evidencing the legal authority of officers or directors of foreign companies
    • Formalities for appointing foreign nationals as officers or directors of German companies
    • Assistance with translations of foreign documents and with communications with German regulatory authorities