Real Estate Law

    Another focus of our legal practice is real estate law. We advise private individuals on the purchase or sale of real estate for personal use or investment purposes, as well as commercial or institutional investors on large-volume portfolio transactions, whether such transactions involve residential real estate or commercial real estate.

    We have developed close relationships with, and earned the trust of, courts (land registers) and regulatory authorities, which allows us to close transactions smoothly and quickly. We assist our clients, for example, with the following:

    • Acquisition or sale of developed or undeveloped properties, condominium units, or other property rights, including gifts
    • Portfolio transactions, including share deals and asset deals
    • Sale-and-lease-back transactions
    • Project developments
    • Agreements with construction companies
    • Partitioning agreements under the German Act on Condominium Ownership (WEG)
    • Creation of so-called heritable building rights (Erbaurechte)
    • Recording of real property liens, easements, usufructs, and rights of residence
    • Enforcement of collateral